I was first trained in hard science with a Scientific Baccalaureate and a first propaedeutic in mechanics at the EPFL (Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne). This background allows me to be well aware of scientific limits in the psychological field, especially when one approaches the totality of the person, i.e. his unconscious realities. During and after my studies in psychology, in Switzerland and in New York, I had the opportunity to work in residential centers for psychotic and autistic children and adolescents and as an assistant at the University of Geneva in developmental and genetic psychology. At the same time, I learned Sophrology, Yoga, mind-body therapies, systemics and philosophy.

After my graduation at the University of Geneva and the City University of New York in Developmental Psychology, I have been immersed in several psychoanalytical schools for more than 25 years. In addition, I studied transgenerational therapy, anthropology, phenomenology and hermeneutics. My researches and discoveries on Oedipus’ myth have distant me from psychoanalytical dogma, to return to the sources of Depth Psychology, to it’s more ancient roots and to a non-dual approach of the Self, or integrative approach.

Academical studies


  • Social worker with children and adolescent.
  • University Assistant in Geneva, (Developmental Psychology Faculty).
  • Psychologist in the Psychoanalytical Department of the Association “Chiffre de la parole” in Lausanne.
  • Teacher at the ISGC in Geneva.
  • Psychoanalyst and consultant at the New Farny School in Geneva.
  • Private practice since 1998.
  • Official Swiss Title of “FSP psychotherapist”.
  • Member of “Santé Suisse”.
  • Good standing certificate and state practice authorization for Geneva and Vaud

Teaching background


  • Books and collective books
  • Articles published in the PsychoscopeThe Notepad of PsychoanalysisMediterranean Studies, Journal des Psychologues.
  • Essays published by Ecodition and since 2020 by Genesis editions.

Interest, inspiration and guidance

  • Multiple therapeutic trainings (gestalt, integrative psychology, yoga, symbolic and hermetic tradition, etc..).
  • Synthesis of psychoanalysis, depth psychology, transgenerational integration, ancient wisdom and traditional healing.


Books in English

Books in French


In German:


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