“No durable therapy without meaningful insights and without developing a better self-knowledge.”

Private practice, more than 20 years of experience.



The counselling sessions, private and strictly confidential, offer the opportunity to freely speak about oneself, to put into words problems and issues, to become more aware of their possible meanings, and progressively assimilate them in a profitable way. My understanding of the symbolic and unconscious meanings will help you to see things differently. Counselling sessions are about encountering yourself on a deeper level, a process which naturally triggers transformation and healing.

I will invite you to talk freely about your life, your history and the difficulties you are experiencing. Together, we seek to better understand your situation (symptoms, dreams, fantasies, urges, sexuality) in order to link it to your unconscious reality as well as to the unintegrated stories of your family.

– For a need to talk to better understand a situation or a concern.
– for sexual, emotional and sentimental issues.
– for couple (infertility) or family difficulties.
– For various symptoms, depression, obsessive thoughts, fantasies, strange ideas, etc.
– For difficulty concentrating, psychosomatization, insomnia.
– For the repetition of certain situations or blockages.
– Dream analysis and better self-knowledge.
– All problems associated with HP people
– Other

NB: My therapeutic approach is not for everybody. A minimum of conditions is requested, such as the desire to heal, being open for changes, a financial independence, and of course not being under a medical treatment that could interfere with your emotions and/or cognitive aptitudes (conscious psychology and chemical free approach to preserve the environment).

Starting with a 4 sessions round

I usually propose to start with a first round of a few sessions (flat rate).

Short-term therapy or in-depth therapy 

After assessing the situation and the needs, when relevant, together we decide for continuing weekly sessions or for a few additional sessions for short-term therapy.

Reimbursement by your insurance

For people with complementary swiss health insurance, my services can be partially reimbursed since I am a swiss accedited psychotherapist (on the list of “Santé Suisse”, the official association of social insurance companies). Upon request, I will send you a monthly receipt for partial reimbursement by your insurer.


Video and face-to-face counselling :

Tony Thierry Gaillard, Conscious Developments Sàrl,

rue De-Candolle 18, 1205 Geneva, Switzerland.

0041 78 616 03 30


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