Tony T. Gaillard

Swiss FSP Psychotherapist, Author

“Over the years, I have learned the
symbolic language of unconscious
dynamics to help people to integrate
all kinds of difficulties.”

Psychotherapy – Integrative Transgenerational Analysis

I am a Swiss recognized Psychologist-Psychotherapist FSP from Geneva, member of FSP and AGPSY. I have a State authorization for practice and charging insurances (GNL: 7601007710447, RCC: J876825). Link to the federal register of recognized psychotherapists.

With a passion for understanding human nature and its multiple resources, I have 24 years of experience in private and independent psychotherapy practice. I am also a trainer, author of a several books and director of a collection at Genesis Editions. Some of my activities are managed by my Ltd., Conscious Developments.

Integrative Psychotherapy

Discovering the unconscious meaning of what you are experiencing can help you to learn and to know yourself better. Here, we are not focused on quantitative changes, or psychiatric normalization, but we tend to a qualitative shift, or transformation. More….

Transgenerational Therapy

Much more often than what we can imagine, we repeat or are influenced by unfinished stories lived by our parents, grandparents and ancestors. So before fighting with yourself, others and/or with the world, make sure you are just reenacting some of your unconscious legacies, and learn to integrate them. More….

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